Sachin - Retirement Who ???

Every now and then the question gets popped to the God of Cricket - Retirement ?.. & Sachin's answer has always been a consistent .. I have not thought about it yet.. Well, I cant stop from not comparing it to a normal job or profession. Just like most of us are employed, some in their dream jobs whereas some in not so..and we move on when either the passion weakens or there is a dreamier job on offer.. Similarly cricketing is Sachin's profession.. so why keep pre-empting the question to Sachin.. Do people around us, ask any of us randomly on when we plan to shift jobs...

Ofcourse it is wise to quit while you are doing well rather than being forcefully retired. But then lets leave the brain work to him. He has been playing cricket since the age of 16, literally all his life has been dedicated to his profession so just let him be.

What is it about Woman's Day ???

What is it about these so called " Days " to do with the subject in this case, " Women", I fail to understand.Does having a so called day help in emancipation or empowerment ? Does it kindle the consciousness of all those people who abuse women ? Here again I have no answer.Women's day has its origin related to a stir by women in NewYork for their rights in the textile industry. What I see these days is that the so called already empowered women, meaning the well heeled educated and working or societal women consider it as a celebration of their gender. Whereas the others, it is just another day in the year.

For me, there is a formidable run up to the Woman's day. I look forward to all those chick flicks which get beamed on TV, lots of advertisements and deals all for the empowered woman of today. Not to mention the repeated programs set up by the HR team to celebrate the diversity and inclusiveness of the fairer gender. It is one of those days when most of the male colleagues come up and wish you a good day and then go back to their desks in oblivion. Then of course the women centric organizations bring in their share of propoganda on  policy, rights, health, awareness etcetra etcetra which also die its natural death soon after only to be revived the following year.

Apart from me the other woman at home is my maid 20 year old Poornima, married of at an early age, Xth half pass and doing umpteen chores at numerous homes to meet both ends meet in a bustling expensive city of bangalore. Her day starts at 5 and goes through rapidly cleaning the grime and dirt in couple of apartments here. Apart from hoping for financial empowerment, she does not see any need for anyother emancipation. Does Woman's day mean anything to her ??

Now what do I,  a persona of the celebrated gender do.. Well the day starts off as a normal day, all the morning tussle, hussle, traffic, pollution and work. I reach work and there is after all a special warmth in the air which in a few hours heats up in the midst of closing in deadlines, boring longish meetings and fighting over emails. Then a few of us in an upbeat mood of being empowered decide to celebrate further our higher status through shopping or trying out the new restaurant near by. And thus the day ends with lighter pockets and a heavier calories.

In conclusion, Woman's day is one of those days where the so called already empowered woman celebrate their gender, corporates and woman genric brands up their advertisement ante and then of course are the myriad activists who go hoarse stating woman issues.. all in a day.. and then as usual time moves on waiting for the next International Woman's Day..

Happy Woman's Day