Wallowing in football misery

We may try to make our mark in all spheres.. and a wide diaspora with 1/6th world population.. we are found everywhere, Except one  place..sports arenas.. what makes us stay away ? why do we remain happy counting a handful of bronzes and silvers..the ocassional gold… does it influence the spirit of sportsmanship or teamspirit too ? Well… to many questions from the recent loss to Guam…

Guam, a U.S territory but independently governed country beat India in the recent FIFA quarterfinals… well can you believe that ..Guam was placed 33 rankings below India and was on the way to get a clean sheet had it not been for India captain Sunil Chhetri who made it 2-1 in the 93rd minute.. so much for salvaging the national pride….

We have 7500 people for every 1 person in Guam.. with a highly tilted sex ratio, it means that there are even more men to every male in Guram…now let me not get into the statistics on demographics, age etc…. but look at the sheer numbers.. are we saying that we cant create a football team that would atleast win from a country ranked 33 places below us ? why is it so.. is it our physical capability as a genre… is it lack of sportsmanship .. is it our lifestyle ( sports is for sports people only)..is it our attitude ( cricket and cricket only)… what is the root cause of such a great divide in sports…

Though its nice to blame the sports authority of India ( do they exist ?) , lack of funds and so on…. I think its more deep rooted than that… It’s a mix of many reasons including attitude, lifestyle… may be it’s a collective cultural memory… where a day is divided into time for praying, cooking, working, eating, tv watching, sleeping.. where do sports or games fit it ? it does not ..

So where does this loss take us… well we can berate about it for sometime and soon forget… but its definitely  put Guam on the international map. I for one dint know such a place existed and may be many more people have noticed this sleepy exotic island… surely Guam has found its place in the football and the tourism circuit….

The Predicament of Predictability

We the supposedly evolved and greater genre of animals are supposed to have a mind and a will to do scale greater heights… But how often do we really use our mind on a free range..instead of being stifled by conditional thinking… how often we settle into routines… comfortable in the predictability of set routines.. that  any slight miss,  stresses us out.. because then we are forced to use our head…

I often think each day is a fresh day, till the routines start. Then its not fresh anymore, its just like the previous day and the day before .

So what is the predicament of predictability? is it actually a stress buster because everything is as per plan and therefore under control ? or is it a mindless routine which stresses you out because you are always trying your best to stick to the routine ? or does sticking to predictability rob you off the journey itself ?

We love it because we have things under our control, we hate it because its cool to be original , we imagine we have conquered it  and yet we find comfort in it.

Well, that is the predicament of predictability.