Save Our Tiger...

Saving the Tiger from Aircel is the most recent " Sustainable Development Marketing Propoganda "..The campaign consist of a Tiger cub waiting for its mother to return, and of course Dhoni, Bhatia announcing their support and intent to Save the Tiger..The campaign asks people to log on to the website , join in the " roar", and web posts of how the Indian National Animal is on the verge of extinction.
I must agree that this is a very respectful idea, but sadly there is a serious lack in execution. I fail to see how couple of second's of TV Ad's, and about 50000 Roar's ( the last time I checked) on Face book for Strippy the Tiger cub, and wearing the campaign T shirts would actually help to save the tiger. May be some Face book savy poachers would log in, read the comments and be teary eyed, repent and swear to save the tiger...Or the other chance is of poachers seeing many poachers see people wearing the T Shirts and become overwhelmed with guilt and turn up their hunting weapons.. Or poachers may realize that as there are only 1411 tigers left, their profession will soon become extinct too and may be it is time to shift jobs..

Another plausible case is that  poachers are fans of Dhoni and will get moved by his commitment towards saving the tiger..

How much ever I have whack my brain, I cant really see these options really saving the tiger.

Alternately if there was some more pains taken, for eg : Aircel can donate money, say " 100 rupees" for every new aircel connection to a fund which will be used to improve the communication equipment of Forest guards, work with establishments to rear tiger cubs and release them into the wild, improve security in our Tiger Reserves etc..Or may be work with a legal NGO's in establishing fast & strict closures of poaching cases...there are many more such options which will actually help in saving Strippy  our tiger cub..

However the campaign has truly increased awareness on the state of the Royal Bengal tiger.
Facebook campaigns and roars may be more useful for some other tigers in India like  Thackeray's, Muthalik ( he roars only on dates close to Valentine's day and remains in his den on all other days).. It would do good to both of them to increase awareness on their existence, that is if they are not opposed to the myriad things related to T shirts ( it is not ethnic Indian wear), or Face book ( completely western, socializing place, young innocent people meet and can get provocated) and websites ( english language) and so many more issues which logical minds cannot concieve... 
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