Sania Wedding - A national breaking News

The latest breaking news of a country which dreams of being a superpower by 2050, with a staggering population of a 1.2 Billion Plus ( the jury ( census) is still out), was caught in a catch 22 situation last week with the announcement of Sania's & Shoaib's wedding...

Of course there is a Maoist wars in one part of the country, municipal elections, water crisis, power cuts, ongoing census, bio metric identification program, US-Nuclear deal clauses, hundreds of corrupt officials cases, women's reservation bill, Maywati's elephants, increase in summer epidemics, in-complete stadiums to host the commonwealth games and many more such issues which did not excite the country or the media as much as Shoaib's love triangle...

I completely fail to understand how a very personal issue can be brought to such limelight , and be the single most discussed issue , ( IBN 7, Headlines today & NDTV claimed it as " Breaking News") in the media.

Does anyone really care who Sania is getting married too ???

May be I should not have such a pessimistic view on the wedding..Let me list out why this is indeed breaking news,
  • Sania, Shoaib wedding is a prime example of how the heart knows no boundaries or Kargil wars and need no pacts for being together..
  • Further enhancement to the India - Pak.. bhai bhai concept...
  • Some level of speedy justice given to a muslim lady in hyderabad
  • Monetary help to some business houses like Taj Krishna, Air travel companies and the myriad other shopping houses
  • Help to artisans who can use their ability in encrusting swaroski crystals in the lehenga
  • A good script which our Bollywood writers/diectors can copy.
  • Of course, news & TRIP ratings for news channels who are otherwise starved of any breaking news
  • Push Markeing for the millions of "eye balls" glued to the TV's & breaking News
  • And of course more importantly, a whole new generation of Indo-Pak citizens to be born...

 See, there is after all a long list of worthy clauses for the wedding being Breaking News..It is just that poor normal brained citizens like me could not appreciate it !!!