Sachin - Retirement Who ???

Every now and then the question gets popped to the God of Cricket - Retirement ?.. & Sachin's answer has always been a consistent .. I have not thought about it yet.. Well, I cant stop from not comparing it to a normal job or profession. Just like most of us are employed, some in their dream jobs whereas some in not so..and we move on when either the passion weakens or there is a dreamier job on offer.. Similarly cricketing is Sachin's profession.. so why keep pre-empting the question to Sachin.. Do people around us, ask any of us randomly on when we plan to shift jobs...

Ofcourse it is wise to quit while you are doing well rather than being forcefully retired. But then lets leave the brain work to him. He has been playing cricket since the age of 16, literally all his life has been dedicated to his profession so just let him be.