When Leaders keep quiet

A few years ago, the country was led by a leader , a man trusted and renown  for his deep knowledge on economy. But he chose to keep quiet when un-viable economic models or GDP eroding subsidies where unleashed on the society... all for a few coalition ties and to keep the chair intact.

Then comes another leader who brandished the earlier one for being silent...a voracious speaker and a mass leader.

But when goons start imparting " justice", be it in the name of honour, God, food habits or even movie choices .. defying the ruling of the highest court of the country.. and get their way around.

This leader is silent, and his silence is loud.

The troubles of this silence is there to see.  The mob has taken over, ordinary tax payers are cowered upon and industries be it multiplex or tanneries are forced shut.

The mob is uncontrollable, it does not question the logic and believes in martyrdom all in the name of a Sanskriti patriotism fed to it. The largest democratic country in the world is caught in its fury and is dancing to its whims. May be this is the real dance of democracy or its biggest test so far. May be a direction from the leader will help.

But the crowd puller is silent. No words. No mention. No punch dialogues. Just a deafening silence from the top.

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