Evolved species ? really ?

A life-time of one way love ends :(

We the supposedly higher evolved species, get dejected and frustrated so much that we maim unrequited love with acid, kill a child in the name of honour and stay away from parents to be selfishly independent.May be evolution missed some aspects.. or may be this is what it takes to win the journey of " survival of the fittest" !

Statistics show a clear increase in the number of acid attacks in India in recent years. At least 106 such attacks were reported in 2012, according to the Acid Survivors Foundation India (ASFI). And that figure rose to 122 in 2013 and 349 in 2014. Activists say that figure climbed to over 500 in 2015.

This is just the reported numbers and there could be many many more of un-reported cases.. 

All it takes is a cheap bottle of acid, and a simple action of throwing it on a face ( majority of the victims are women), to ruin a person.. and that too why ? because she dared to be say no to your advances ? expressed an opinion ? showed that she had a choice ? or just happened to be beautiful. 

May be our brains have grown in size, physical capabilities too. We have learned to control and make nature and machine yield to our wishes, but anything that refuses to yield, is met with intolerance, miffed and to be broken down. That's  another way to look at survival of the fittest or survival of the mightiest .... 

May be its time to learn from animals matters of the heart , attitude and thoughts towards tolerance. RIP Nigel !


Dance Of The Gannets

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