Millennial Castaway

While in school ( yes, that was couple of decades back), population increase was India's bane and a problem that needed to be sorted.

By the time I started working that changed into a " Demographic Advantage"  and power points or India advantage reports are peppered with terms like young India, increasing labor wealth etc.

I was quick to change to the positive outlook too and prided myself of being a " just in border line millennial ". You know the generation which everybody else is struggling to comprehend and companies are researching on how to handle the VUCA's at work.

All that changed last week when I went shopping and even after adding a couple of thousand steps to the Fitbit tracker by walking down the mall aisles, my shopping bag was largely empty. The perfect top, shirt, dress was still elusive. Of course I did increasing my bandwidth but still, nothing.

We are not even talking about sizes, or the yards of cloth required to cover multiple bulges, but just the styling.

And then it stuck me, though I may feel that I have a right to be part of the millennial generation, the fashion designers don't think so. The styling is not for wannabe millennials but the real ones...

Imagine that... there are brands upon brands and so much choice, but nothing that suits my sensibilities. Well Castaway it is...

India's median age currently is 27 and its growing younger by the minute. Her population is 17% of the World's, and 50% of that is below 27.

Now here is a  blue ocean market for the brands and the designers. Who is going to be bothered about the millennials approaching mid life crisis... A red ocean of tried and tested people, with size expectations that eliminate designer effects.. patriotic pride of India's labor advantage is fast greying :(

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