Exodus from Agriculture

Agriculture is one sector of the GDP which is often criticized for dragging the Indian growth story. It is still the biggest employment sector, offering jobs to half the Indian population, though the numbers are far reducing now.Not too many years back, agriculture or farming was the main employment skill in India. My own family, 2 generations back are farmers. Rices, pulses , spices and even coffee, sugar & jaggery were farmed and after storing for the family, surplus was sold in the market. In my childhood days, I don’t remember any surplus being there, farm output was largely for family use as the next generation ( my parents) moved out to earn a living from industries. Nowadays there is no farming as the present generation ( me & my siblings) are completely away from the family tradition or the farm land.

In short, in 3 generations, there has been a complete shift from selling farm products to buying from supermarkets. This is the case in many other families too, some in 2 and others in 4 generations.

This is as I see it the exodus from agriculture.

My Take On Ad's

This is my list without the obvious chart topper's like Zoo-Zoo campaign...

Fourth Estate...

I've been on a search for the perfect news paper for a long time now. There are many choices related to the fourth estate whether it is print, or the tube..but yet to fit into my scheme of things.

I like my news in black & white, with not to many atrocious pictures in pecking order. The highest priority news should be on the first page and so on..This is a very simple requirement as per me..