The year gone by

I love looking at THE YEAR GONE BY articles and news which generally populate most news channels and newsprints..they come in all variety and sizes, and covers a wide variety of topics including, sports, politic moves, tragedies, celebrity gossip, Page3 parties and so on..

These are few things that I can remember ( borrowing some MBA jargon, Top of the mind recall)...

1) The Dad of all scams in India = Telecom Raja ( 2G + 3G = couple of billions of rupees)

 2) Most luxurious house in the city which also houses the largest slum in the world = Antilla , owner Mukesh Ambani

3) A heroic and brave resuce of trapped miners in Chile - a lot of solidarity seen across the world at the time of tragedy

4) CWG in Delhi - The coming of age of India " the fast paced economy" to show its capability in putting up a worldclass event..though entangled in myriad Kalmadi scams..

5) India in Sports - One of the best years for Indian Sports, both cricket & non cricket ( the two key sports segments in India).. from winning some good haul at CWG & Asian Games.. and of course the best 20-20, Test & 1 day side in the world
6) Icelandic Volcanic Eruption - How nature completely threw world travel, airlined industry and many more into doldrums by its fury... there is a popular joke on how the ashes of the Icelandic economy was distributed across Europe

7)Australia turned to Ashes - This was a far bigger blow that the volcanic ashes..the formidable Oz side had to beat the dust at home against arch rivals England

8) The Football Worldcup in Africa - Waka , Waka & all eyes tuned to the beautiful game in the dark continent..

9) The historic, land mark and much awaited Ayodhya judgement - The much awaited judgement and the reaction that Indian public gave clearly enlivens the Fasttrack accesories tag line -  MOVE ON..

10) The leak of all Leaks , Wikileaks - There is a bible saying, nothing will remain hidden for long.. it will all come out to the light.. this cant be more true in this case

What's special about 00:00 AM Jan 1st ??

New year & new year's eve is one of the best examples where pre-concieved notions are best practiced by almost all humans.. well what I mean by my blabbering is that.. what is actually new about new year ? well its the new day, new beginning of a fresh year.. now who decide's the year.. well we do either its the Julius Calendar , the Greogrian Calendar or the Chineese Lunar Calendar.. whichever it be..there is a compelling need to celebrate, and start afresh.. a new day & new moment at 00:00 AM..

So what I mean is that, its just in our head that 00:00 Jan 1st of every year is a harbinger of good times, a time to let go of old things, make new resolutions & start afresh..

A New Year's eve could be just about any day for that matter.. it can be today, yesterday or tomorrow.. If each day, we could let go of old buried hurt and hope for a bright new dawn.. how beautiful would life be...