Largest revolt in Singapore in 4 decades !!!!

The recent news on violence in Little India and the racist online remarks is the concise story of a phenomena repeated around the world. All great cities be it the new cities in United Arab Emirates, towering buildings of New York or now even Singapore are build by marginalized people from third world countries. Their aspiration in life is limited,  yet basic respect is a distant dream for them..

They arrive in hordes, work in the severest of conditions, build great cities and yet live unseen by us..
When they do react, or speak up.. they are swiftly hushed up with instant doling out of freebies and slowly the world goes back to its usual hum...

Can there be equality in real ? Minimum wages that are followed ? Process for wage correction and welfare.. or is too marxist an idea...

Speaking of marxism, the reality in china is no different. Subjugation, encroaching personal freedom and inequality affect a large portion of the urban chinese population.

Therefore there is only crony marixism and crony capitalism..neither has space for equality...

Fastest communication

Have you ever wondered which is the fastest mode of communication... and the most trusted for some reason..well its your local grapevine.

Recently, when I was interacting with my daughter's nanny and enquiring for a help for a friend's aquaintance.. she very categorically asked the lady's name or description. This kind of quirked my interest, but I gave in told her the apartment number.

The next day, I get a full report of this aqauaintance whom I have never met, complete with all family details, and a report card. Unfortunately she did not have a good ranking and therefore my nanny refused to be of any service to her !.

This made me wonder, what is my report card rating ? How do these seemingly unstructured group of people work or communicate ? It was a horrible thought, imagine you go about your regular day always with the thought that there would be so many judging eyes around or my home and family will be under the scanner at a tea time chit chat...

Well.. but isn't this the most common and fastest mode of communication, whether the office grapevine or at a housing complex, one of the great indian weddings wherever...

A new movement in Indian politics... AAP & New generation parties

So finally the Aam Aadmi has finally arrived...


AAP’s fantastic win over the city state of Delhi is telling tale of  how much India’s urban young population is fed up of the politics of caste, religion, power broking and non stop corruption.. True that Kejriwal and team has limited exposure to the nuances of political governance.. but the people’s ruling is a fresh mandate.. fresh slate…

This is think is the start of a new revolution in Indian political scenario…the start of new generation parties.. Post-independence and post emergency, there has been no other great movement here.. this is true to the Indian mindset of leaving things as it is.. Janne do !.. Chalne do! And getting on with their life…

With the AAP’s win, there is a certain belief that it need not be a choice between the devil and the deep sea always.. and some amount of focus, dedication can help in being a voice of change.

This could be the start of a host of new generation parties.. who are neither anti-capitalists, not bound by religion or by regional politics..

Another significant aspect is that there is a large group of young Indians who have voted for this first time now.. this young generation has very different needs from the 1940’s to 1970’s generation. They are far more literate, exposed to the ways of the modern world and yet to fall into the trap of region and religion. These are the group of people who will vote in the coming general elections and they I hope will bring about the change that India needs…



Flock of Birds - How amazing, inspiring and beautiful they can be..

Every morning and evening I look forward to watch the birds fly in flocks around and around our apartment building, sometimes swiftly sometimes laid back.. but always in order , smooth and rythymic...want a fantastic way to start or end your day.
I wonder, how are these flocks formed, are they family ? like the great indian joint family ? do they have an amazing social network, may be something like Twitter where the thoughts are rallied instanteously, otherwise how is the pattern so systematic.. who decides to play the lead ? management structures ?
How amazing it is to just fly, enjoy the light breeze, soar up and feel the energy in your wings... No hangup's, pretense, hypocritsim,  just enjoy each day like it is your first....
Wow !

Raising a boy child..

Enough has been said about how girls need to behave, dress, talk or when they should be married off.. From the kangaroo court Khap leaders to the elected kangaroo representatives, all have an opinion on girls. But the real issue is the boys, how do we raise them ? Do we raise them to respect and honor women just like they need to respect all other human beings.

I think that is what the society needs to answer.

There is simply no point in having stringent laws on eve teasing or rape alone. Laws & regulations work only to a certain extent.

The Nirbhaya incident brought in a lot of publicity and many many people were up in arms, holding candles and protesting against violence on women. But such symbolisms are forgotten soon. A cultural change needs to be in place. Schools needs to take up gender sentisation, parents need to have such discussions at home. Then we would not be arguing what drove a 17 year old minor to brutally rape a young girl as what happened in the Nirbhaya case.

Has he grown up seeing girls being abused & therefore he assumes that it is ok to do that ? does he get provoked by young girls being treated equal in schools, heading to work / college etc ? does he think that such girls need to know that they can be overpowered easily ?  What drove him to this brutal act. I think that is a question that we citizens / parents need to answer.

Recently there was an argument about how movies and item numbers in movies downgrade women. I'm not so sure of item numbers, but a common theme in movies is

" Boy like girl, girl does not like him. Boy tries to woo her continuosly either through song / dance more or forever irritating her with notes, flowers etc, he lets his friends know of intentions and they also help and very soon she starts liking him ". Now  this entire movie story fits perfectly into eve teasing. Is it possible that a young boy who sees this movie starts thinking that it is perfect in this manner to woo a girl ?

Or another story line is  " Boy likes girl, girl resents him, Boy tries to molest her as he knows that she does not like his advancements".. Wow.. how many indian movies show a rape scene.. very common of villains to rape women and hero to either save the damsel in distress or extract his revenge and therefore become a hero...

Now how many english movies do we see where such kind of wooing is done, or rape scenes in english movies ? Can we say with a clear conscious that a typical half literate young man will not be influenced by all this in movies ?

Crimes against women will reduce only through a removal of a deep seated malice in our society which is wrapped in illiteracy, paternal structures, and willingness to help others.