2009 in retrospect

It is that time of the year when the media starts either a count down or reminiscising the year's incidents.I was thinking which are the main incidents / ideas / innovations or just about anything which stood out this year when I think back. Here is my list ( it is in no particular order).

Cricket for Nobel Peace prize

Well, if games or activities can be nominated for Nobel prize then cricket should win the Nobel peace prize ( this can be backed by real case studies unlike the Obama case). Cricket actually fits the bill as a Leader, Mediator, Visionary, and so on..

The Evergreen....

Here are some pics of our first Christmas tree and nativity crib…

What is 350ppm

350ppm ( 350 parts per million) - That is the level to which climate scientists believes we need to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide (and by implication, other greenhouse gases) in the atmosphere if we want to avoid a series of catastrophic climate tipping points.

The bad news? Atmospheric carbon is already at least 387 ppm, and the rate at which we're spewing greenhouse gases is increasing.Presently it is increasing by 2ppm every year.

For all of human history until about 200 years ago, our atmosphere contained 275 parts per million of carbon dioxide. Parts per million is simply a way of measuring the concentration of different gases, and means the ratio of the number of carbon dioxide molecules to all of the molecules in the atmosphere. 275 ppm CO2 is a useful amount—without some CO2 and other greenhouse gases that trap heat in our atmosphere, our planet would be too cold for humans to inhabit.

So if we have already crossed 350 ppm and the life on earth continues, where is the problem ? - well this is like saying that an overweight person or a person with cholestrol would die as soon as the diagnosis is made...he will start showing symptoms and the body is already ill. this is similar.. 2009 is recorded as the highest temperature year since it started rising ( from 1990). This is the tenth consecutive year of high temperature, artic ice caps have shrunk from its previous size and many animals / plants are on the verge of extinction, cases of drought & floods have increased, drinking water is a scarcity and so on

Climate Change.. & the Coppenhaggen Summit

The success of the Copenhagen summit is much touted in the media as the cause of the human tribe.. I think " climate change" has become a fashionable statement amongst diplomats of all countries and this is leading to a major money deals ( Billions of $) where treaties are made and then delibrated without any real steps...
Let's leave the diplomats & bearucrats to do what they do best... but there are many things that normal people like us can do to save the human tribe....
Here are some ways to generate Home Carbon Credits -

Starting with planting trees, I think one family should atleast own the same number of trees as their family members. There are org. in B'lore which help in these like http://www.iownatree.org/ , on paying Rs 365, they plant and take care of a tree for 2 years. Indoor plants is also a good option.Cost of planting trees is hardly anything and is a good and interesting hobby too

Rain harvesting - this is a good water harvesting technique which can be done with just couple of pipes , hoses & joints.Why wait for the city authorities to make a mega plan for water conservation, when you can do in your house, apartment or society.

Turning off running taps / lights while not in use - Simple but effective method. Actually this is more of discipline and should be taught early to children.

 Do not Litter / keep plastic and wet waste seperatly -  This is a cleanliness issue particuraly with Indians.What's the points in littering and then commenting that this place is dirty, I think it is the typical caste menatlity where we expect other's to clean our wastes....

Use of natural Light - I'm not talking about re-designing the house with skylights, but when possible use sun light and air instead of turning on the AC. Use light coloured curtains and positions study desks near windows to make effective use.

Turn off the engine while not in use - It directly contributes to Carbon Credits

Maintain your vehicle well - Do pollution check & certification regularly ( irrespective of the law), and drive well ( optimum gear and acceleration ) to get good mileage. This is easy on your wallet and on nature.

Car pool & Use of public transport - A train / bus can replace 1000 and 70 cars/ bikes on the road. Isn't that worth it

Finally it is Christmas

Defining what Christmas means is very difficult, it means celebration, genorosity , hope, light, family time, no work :)... and so much more..the best part , is the happiness which remains through out the month..

Somehow I tend to feel extra genrous, and friendly, and all smiles this time of the year. The carols, christmas tree, choclates, mistle toe, gifts, choclates , cakes and of course Sale!..simply make u warm large hearted person, i guess that's the magic of this month.The feeling of love and hope and happiness lingers around till New Year's eve.

It get's difficult to be at work during this time ...half the time I'm googling for the best recipe for brownies and cookies and so on.. my only worry is that the delicacies I cook would turn out horribly wrong and then I will have to devour everything by myself and will add another 10 Kilo's by new year's eve...